Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Want You So Bad~Chapter 4~ The Girl Who Hates Her Life!

I almost hit Brad in the face when he showed up in front of me. He was pretty scared too. Couldn't blame the guy, I was the crazy Goth girl swinging a baseball bat around!

"What are you doing here?" I asked. "You are not allowed to be up there!"
"You are not allowed either," He said.

He had a point, I thought. But I'd be damned to admit it. The rooftop was my spot. No one could take it from me, not even Brad...

"I just wanted to check on you." He said.

My heart started to throb real fast. Here I was being selfish and he was thinking of me... I didn't want to have nose bleed anymore, so I turned my head. Why Brad was being sweet to me all of a sudden? Was this a dream? No, even in my dream I couldn't be so close to him like I was now. I could smell him... No more nose bleed, Mag, I told myself. Breath in and out... Breathing was not working... My face was burning. Brad had to go!

"Are you alright?" He asked trying to see my face. "You were bleeding earlier so I was worried."

Brad was worried about me? My heart sped so fast that I lost control of its rhythm.

"It was only nose bleed." I weakly protested, still trying to hide my red tomato face.

"So? It was still blood,"

"I'm fine. Now go back to your class before you get in trouble," I faced Brad, but I made sure my hair covered my bony cheeks. I knew my long hair would come in handy,

"Right back at you. What are doing up here anyway?" Brad crossed his sexy arms over his chest.

He was being too friendly I thought. I was not ready for us to be that close. But before I pushed Brad away, we both heard the door open and footsteps coming closer. I hoped it was not the principal.

But it was only "Miss popular #2" Katie from school. She was the BFF of Brad's crush, "Miss Popular #1" Alisa.

"What is she doing up here?" I mumbled mostly to myself while looking at the skinny bleached blond cheerleader walking.

"I don't know," Brad answered me.

Miss Popular #2 walked all the way to the edge of the rooftop and stood there staring at the horizon like she was about to take a dive... Her ponytail untied by the wind left her medium hair swaying all over her face.

"I could be wrong, but I think that girl is about to jump." I said still holding my baseball bat.

"You're right," Brad agreed.

Katie was a few feet away from us. Brad and I slowly approached her from the side.

"Is everything ok?" Brad sweetly asked Katie.

She seemed to come back to earth.

"Don't take another step! Do you hear me?" She screamed.

Katie was a cheerleader- meaning that she yelled for living- and she was on top a roof scared out of her mind. I really don't have to tell you how loud she was. The next thing we knew was the whole school assembled down in the yard looking up to us. The scene was getting pretty dramatic.

"Katie, it doesn't have to be that way..." Brad said. He sounded like one of those mature protagonists in one of my favorite shows. I could not remember the name of the show but he was sure hot like him!

"Yes it does!" Katie yelled. "And you don't have the right to stop me! It's my life I do whatever I want with it!"

"But..." Brad started.

"Leave me alone!" Katie cut it.

Seriously, that girl was loud. My ears started to hurt. It was a miracle the glass windows of the class rooms did not break. Or should I say: Not Yet!

"Let's go!" I said to Brad, annoyed of this drama that was none of my business. "Leave this selfish spoiled brat alone so she could kill herself in front of everyone. She's a stubborn coward so it's useless to talk her out of it.

I turned my head and counted down to three. 3... 2.... 1....

"Excuse me?" Katie replied. I was expecting her to say that. "Who are you calling selfish?"

OK i did not expect her to care about the selfish part. I thought it was obvious even to her. But I was still glad she answered.

"Yes you are." I said. "You don't give a d@mn how your family will feel when they find out that you're dead. You don't care about those kids down there who most are terrified to watch this live horror show Rated R you're about to host. All you care about is your bratty skinny self and your coward decisions!"

I put my bat over my neck. The wind blew through both our hair and skirts. The battle I was looking for had just started.

"Shut up! Creepy Goth girl! What do you know about me? Stop judging me!"

"OK ladies, I think that's enou..." Brad started. But Katie and I cut him off.

"Shut up!" We both shouted at him together.

"Geez!" He mumbled scratching is blond head. Although I was angry, I felt bad for him. But I also could not help notice how cute he was when he was embarrassed. If only I had my camera...

"I'm really curious about your reasons, b. I've been bullied and friendless because of the likes of you, for all my life. And on top of that, my parents got divorced leaving me with a drunk brokenhearted mom! I never found a reason to kill myself, do you know why? Because I put all my thoughts on one awesome positive thing!"

I almost smiled looking at clueless Brad. It was true. When I was alone and sad, I thought about him and I would happy again. He became my number one reason to live.

"What if there's no positive thing left in my life? Everything that I have is gone now!" Katie started to cry.

"Then f$cking look for one!" I yelled. "Become a Christian, or do whatever you can! You can't sit on you skinny butt and expect everything to come to you! Don't give others trouble because life is hard. It's hard on everyone!"

"Shut your dirty mouth, you freak, you live your life as an outcast and you're OK with it. But I'm not! I'd rather die than live like a freak like you!"

Oh no she didn't! She was about to get it! I was the crazy girl with the baseball bat and it was time to remind her that.

"What did you say?" I asked lifting my bat in the air.

"You're seriously not thinking..." Brad stated. But I cut him off. Sorry Brad, but I was busy giving that b a lesson.

"Don't touch me!" I yelled at him. Sorry Brad, but I was busy giving that b a lesson.

"I see that you are really determined to die like a coward!" I said walking slowly toward Miss Popular #2. I was loving this scene. Getting to do a home-run on Katie was a dream. "Let me help you sweetie. Let me hit you first and then you can jump all you want. That way, it won't be entirely your fault!"

"No, don't!" Katie backed up. "I'm warning you! Don't hit me with that thing!"

"What's the matter?" I was being sarcastic. "I thought you wanted to kill your poor self! I might as well hit you before you do!"


"No? Why not? Aren't you gonna kill yourself?" I swung the bat over her head.

"Stop it! OK, I will not kill myself anymore! Please, I beg of you don't hit me!" Katie knelt and cried.

I still wanted to hit her but I pitied her. The poor thing was on the ground begging for her bratty life. I put my bat over my shoulder and walked away. I thought I heard Brad calling me but I knew it was my imagination. There was no way he would do that after I scared his crush's BFF out her mind. The worst part was, she was in a critical moment!

I passed all the professors, police officers and the principal-who knew where they were all this time- to downstairs. I didn't care what the rules were, left school and walked home.