Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Want You So Bad!- Chapter 1~Obsessed

I took my brother's baseball bat in his nerdy and clean room, my black backpack in my goth and messy room, and left aunt Betty's three story house for school. I was going to do a home-run that day. Since I saw my man talking to that skinny blond b... I had this urge to kill her... Brad was mine-in my mind- but still mine.

I remember clearly the first time I saw Brad. He was transferred to my school a year ago. During the first semester  we shared study hall together. He was known as the quiet guy who sat in a corner of the classroom, listened to music, and actually studied during study hall hours.

At first I admired him. I didn't know why but I found him mysterious and then... before I knew it, I was obsessed...

Brad Kinns was way out of my league! He was a blond, pale skin, green eyes, and tall athletic guy. He was an elite member of the soccer team of our school. Brad was really smart too. He was an average straight A student. I guessed that was the reason I was so afraid of him.

His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kinns were both lawyers. So brad was economically stable unless his parents decided to cut him loose which would be almost impossible because he was their only son.

In the past year, as I have developed a strong interest in Brad, I started to learn a lot about him... Ok fine, I knew everything about him. His favorite color was red. His favorite fruit is apple and his food is bacon egg and cheese sandwich. He would never refuse bacon. 

As a matter of fact, sometimes he would eat  bacon in all his meals. I had once the idea to trap him with bacon, kidnap him in my house, and feed him bacon while keeping him with me forever. I am still considering this plan.

Brad was a dog lover, precisely hybrid wolf-dogs. He loved playing soccer and would never miss a game on TV. I knew how he liked his coffee, cereal, and most of his meals.

I knew his major crushes. Brad had a big crush on the cheerleader captain who cheered the for the football team, Alisa. I called their little flirts "the perfect blonds affair". Really, all the school needed was the perfect nice guy and the perfect wicked witch cheerleader to get together. I heard some people supporting them. I'm really glad they only flirted and never got serious.

I was deeply in love with Brad. That was why I was about to kill Dannie McKenzie on that day at school, for stealing my man.