Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Want You So Bad~Chapter 6~Pain

My tears washed all my mascara off my face. I lay in my bed, staring at the lavender diary next to the lamp. I did not see Brad for the rest of the day. He had skipped study hall and the rest of the remaining periods.

I had this terrible pain tightening my chest and it was not going away soon. I wished above all else that I was closer to Brad. I wanted to call him. I had to find out where he was-- what that skinny b did to him-- or with him! I could not eat nor sleep.

I detested the fact that today was Friday and I would wait until Monday to see my stolen Prince! I was distraught... Why didn't I notice that girl before? Her name was Vanessa Randall. She kept a low profile that even I did not detect until today.

It was pouring outside. I always loved rainy days. Rain meant bed and bed meant happiness--- but not today. I was in my bed but I was far from being happy. I turned off the lights. Seeing Brad’s face on my wall was unacceptably agonizing.

Did that b know about me? She probably did. Although I was careful when I was stalking Brad, she probably was aware of me. When Brad was talking to her in class, he annoyingly acted as if he had known her before… More disturbing questions popped up in my head. What if they knew each other? Where did they go together--- Brad went with Vanessa----? I gasped! What if? Anything could happen--- if they knew each other--- and Vanessa’s obsession!!

It was at that time that I realized what kind of situation I was in. I rolled off the bed, lay on the cold floor, and cried even more. I slowly crawled to the drawer next to my bed. I turned on the lamp and grabbed the diary. I never had a chance to really read it. I brought it home because I didn’t have time to put back in Vanessa’s locker. Since I failed to pay attention to the time and second period was over, students started to creep their way to the hallway. I had to put back the books quickly. I completely forgot about the diary that was still in my possession. Before I was aware of it, it was too late.

After listening to Brad’s mysterious conversation followed by his absence with Vanessa, I was more afraid of the diary. I wanted to find out what was in it, but could my heart take it all in? I could barely stand my superstitions and uncertain conclusions.

I slowly opened the diary. The first page gave a brief summary:
“Vanessa Randall & Brad Kinns- Kindergartens- to FOREVER!!-Current year: Tenth Grades! This is one year after Brad moved to Phoenix High and I followed him there.”

My heart throbbed real fast. So, they knew each other from before, as I suspected. I flipped, carefully this time, through the pages. It was more of a collage and schedule of Brad’s everyday life. I had to admit, she beat at the obsession game. It scared me that she knew Brad longer than I did. I would kill to see little Brad in Kindergarten but she did. She definitely knew him in ways that I would never would! This idea drove me insane. I had to find a way to beat Vanessa. Brad was mine! He belonged to me.

I sobbed. Then I came to a conclusion. A light bulb illuminated my brain darkened by pain. I had an advantage over that Vanessa. She took notes of Brad’s schedule while I memorized everything in my head. She needed a little book to tell her Brad’s every move. She had been doing this for a very long time; she probably relied on the book so much that she neglected to memorize everything. By stealing her diary, I might confuse her vague memory and completely wipe out all retention of Brad’s schedule—just like students are brainwashed after the teacher announced a surprise pop quiz to test their knowledge.

Thanks to the diary info, I was reminded of Brad’s soccer game on Saturday morning. I would not have to wait until Monday to see him. I was not interested in soccer. To be honest, I was clueless of what was going on, on the field. I often neglected stalking Brad during his games because I didn’t know how to secretly cheer for him. But I was motivated to go tomorrow--- not privately stalking but I planned on sitting with the public. I went to bed shivering at this idea.

The next day I woke early. I wore a tight see-through-knitted shirt with black bra, a black mini skirt, combat boots and long socks. I put on my shiny black heart necklace and tied my hair into a loose but high ponytail. Before I stopped downstairs, I grabbed my little brother’s, Ralph, baseball bat from his room.

“Hey,” He yelled at me. “What are you doing?” He ran behind me in his clean white uniform.

“What do you want?” I asked. I usually ignored him. His presence in his room did not matter to me. I would do whatever I want anyway.

“This is mine and I need it. I have practice today. Give it back!”

“Find yourself another one. I took it first.” I continued all the way to Aunt Betty’s large kitchen.

“That’s not fair!” My thirteen year old brother shouted.

“What’s not fair?” My mom asked smiling. She was still in her PJs at eight in the morning.

“Mag stole my baseball bat!”

“Why did you take your brother’s stuff?” My mom asked me.

I rolled my eyes and sat at the table.

“Feed mom. I need something to make strong.”

“Why? Are you going out?”

“Apparently,” My brother whispered.

“Wearing that? No, Mag you are not going out like this.” My mom said serving omelets for breakfast.

“Fine,” I said.

I ran upstairs after eating, took a small sweater, put it on, and ran back downstairs.

“A sweater?” Ralph wowed. “It’s eighty degrees outside.”

“Your bra is still showing.” My mom said.

I buttoned only the second button.

“And where are you going, young lady?”

“To a soccer game at school, mom” I said annoyed.

“I didn’t know you were into soccer. Is there a boy involved?”

“Of course it has to be a boy, Lin. Why do you think your Goth daughter would wake up so early in the morning to go to a soccer game at her school?” Aunt Betty showed up in her PJs too and kissed me. “Good morning pumpkin.”

I backed off, grossed out. I hated when she did that.

“Am I the only one who find it weird that Mag is going to a soccer game with MY BASEBALL BAT?” My brother pointed out.

It was now or never to sneak out before I was drown with questions. But I stopped. It was the first time I was about to see—at least let Brad see me on a non-school day. It was almost like a date!” I turned and stared at mom and Aunt Betty. I hated asking them for advice. I turned toward the door again, and back again. The words were there but I was lacking of courage to pronounce them.

“Do you need something sweetie?” My mom inquired.

“How do I look?” I said with a forced smile.

“You look fantastic!” She said with a wink.

“Thank you!”

I could hear my mom and my aunt giggling behind me but I was too happy to care. I was feeling confident… But as soon as the sad memory from last night hit my heart again once I reached outside, my expression became dark. My chest hurt even worse than before, as I walked toward the school with my baseball bat over my neck….

Monday, May 27, 2013

I Want You So Bad!~Chapter 5~The Other Obsessed Girl!

My mom was upset when I got home earlier than usual. I didn't bother trying to explain to her what happened for long. I went to my room and spent the rest of the evening in my bed .I had a lot to think about.

Brad Kinns talked to me and he didn't freak out. But most importantly, I was still in one piece. I did not burst out into pieces! The next couple of questions were, how should I behave the next day towards Brad? Should I greet him like normal people do? I imagined random conversations between us in my head. I stared at Brad's giant poster on top of my ceiling until I fell asleep.

Suddenly, I was coming back from school. I saw my mom sitting down in the living room with someone. I would recognize Brad's back everywhere but not in my Aunt's sofa. When he turned to greet me with a smile, I knew it was Brad.

"How did he get here?" I asked my mom who was smiling.

I hated staring at her when she was doing embarrassing things. It was like staring at me. She had my black curly hair that she kept real short, my brown eyes, my bony cheeks. The only difference, she was old.

"Well, he stopped by and said that he goes to your school so..." She tried to explain.

"You mean you let him in the living room?" I started to panic.

"Not only in the living room, honey." My mom winked at me. "While we were waiting for you, we went to your room."

"What?" I yelled.

I looked at Brad who was smiling. If he saw my room that meant that he saw all of these posters of him... My heart raced faster than horse. I started to sweat... Then I woke up.

On my way to school, I did some serious thinking. I did not take the school bus. Since I woke up early thanks to my nightmare, I had time. I concluded that I was not ready to have a normal conversation with Brad. I was too obsessed. All I could do was to stay in shadow and follow him.

I opened my locker and noticed the hot football player--- who I thought considered me next his locker a disaster--- was smiling at me!

"Hi," He said.

I looked behind me to see if I was not mistaken. No, he was not talking to some blond behind me. The Troy-Bolton-looking football player was talking to me! I did my best to smile. And the bell saved me. He waved me goodbye and left. I walked in the hallway like a ghost. And for some reason, the whole school was greeting and smiling at me.

"Am I still dreaming?" I mumbled to myself.

I pinched myself but it actually hurt. So I was not dreaming. Even the cheerleader team said hi. I could not believe what I was living. In class, Brad said hi. I didn't answer. I went straight to my corner in the back.

After we said the pledge, the principal, came and said something about me!

"Attention all students," His voice echoed in the, now, quiet school. "In the name of Phoenix High, Katie's parents and herself, I sincerely thank Magalie Hogan for saving Katie Ashford's life yesterday..."

The class clapped cheerfully. I figured the whole school did too. I did not understand what was going on but I was no longer the outcast or the bully I was yesterday. I was a hero now. I glanced at Brad who was also clapping and smiling at me.

"Yea," I said in my head. "It's a good thing."

The English teacher interrupted the noisy classroom. He said brief words to me that, I was sure, meant "thank you" and then started with the boring class.

After the first period, I walked toward Brad. It was now or never to talk to him. But a nerdy looking girl threw her books and binders between Brad and I. Brad, of course as a gentleman, bended right away to pick up the things spread on the floor.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," The girl said.

I get it, I wanted to shout. You don't have to say it thrice! She was really small. She had medium dark red hair. She had braces and glasses. She had the complete nerd outcast package, I thought.

I wanted to push away that girl who came between me and Brad but I was afraid that she would die in the process. She was so small that her presence in the classroom was invisible. She was always there but i didn't even know her name.

"Here you go," Brad said handing the books and binders that suddenly looked gigantic.

"Thank you," the girl said showing her braces.

"On the other hand," Brad said hesitating. "I might get you to your next class. What do you say?"

What is he doing, I thought. That girl has been carrying herself for at least fifteen or sixteen years and if she could not, she would have been to an hospital where sick people belonged.

"I am going to my locker. But it’s totally fine, I can go by myself"

Something inside of me told me that this girl was lying. Brad insisted and they both went to the girl's locker. I secretly followed them. What? I could not let my man walk alone with a random girl---no matter how insignificant she was!

To my surprise, she also got Brad to accompany her to the cafeteria to eat! I slowly walked toward her locker after painfully watching My Brad at the end of the hallway.

Since I knew nothing about that girl, I had to find out at least her name. And the best way to do that was to break into her locker. I was a master at opening locks with keys. I spent an entire summer, when I was six years old, trying to open a lock with a hair pin. Opening this simple lock was a piece of cake.

Inside the locker was dull. There were no stickers, no picture, nothing--- only books and binders. I took a pile of books out and noticed a small square box. I placed the books on the floor and opened the box. There was a lavender diary-like notebook with a picture of Brad on it!!

I quickly flipped through the pages. There was everything about Brad such as his school schedule, soccer practice and games, doctor's appointment! Small drops of tears fell on the diary.

I realized two things that I've been missing out:

1- I was not the only one obsessed with Brad!
2- The other obsessed girl was already making her move and I was not.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Want You So Bad~Chapter 4~ The Girl Who Hates Her Life!

I almost hit Brad in the face when he showed up in front of me. He was pretty scared too. Couldn't blame the guy, I was the crazy Goth girl swinging a baseball bat around!

"What are you doing here?" I asked. "You are not allowed to be up there!"
"You are not allowed either," He said.

He had a point, I thought. But I'd be damned to admit it. The rooftop was my spot. No one could take it from me, not even Brad...

"I just wanted to check on you." He said.

My heart started to throb real fast. Here I was being selfish and he was thinking of me... I didn't want to have nose bleed anymore, so I turned my head. Why Brad was being sweet to me all of a sudden? Was this a dream? No, even in my dream I couldn't be so close to him like I was now. I could smell him... No more nose bleed, Mag, I told myself. Breath in and out... Breathing was not working... My face was burning. Brad had to go!

"Are you alright?" He asked trying to see my face. "You were bleeding earlier so I was worried."

Brad was worried about me? My heart sped so fast that I lost control of its rhythm.

"It was only nose bleed." I weakly protested, still trying to hide my red tomato face.

"So? It was still blood,"

"I'm fine. Now go back to your class before you get in trouble," I faced Brad, but I made sure my hair covered my bony cheeks. I knew my long hair would come in handy,

"Right back at you. What are doing up here anyway?" Brad crossed his sexy arms over his chest.

He was being too friendly I thought. I was not ready for us to be that close. But before I pushed Brad away, we both heard the door open and footsteps coming closer. I hoped it was not the principal.

But it was only "Miss popular #2" Katie from school. She was the BFF of Brad's crush, "Miss Popular #1" Alisa.

"What is she doing up here?" I mumbled mostly to myself while looking at the skinny bleached blond cheerleader walking.

"I don't know," Brad answered me.

Miss Popular #2 walked all the way to the edge of the rooftop and stood there staring at the horizon like she was about to take a dive... Her ponytail untied by the wind left her medium hair swaying all over her face.

"I could be wrong, but I think that girl is about to jump." I said still holding my baseball bat.

"You're right," Brad agreed.

Katie was a few feet away from us. Brad and I slowly approached her from the side.

"Is everything ok?" Brad sweetly asked Katie.

She seemed to come back to earth.

"Don't take another step! Do you hear me?" She screamed.

Katie was a cheerleader- meaning that she yelled for living- and she was on top a roof scared out of her mind. I really don't have to tell you how loud she was. The next thing we knew was the whole school assembled down in the yard looking up to us. The scene was getting pretty dramatic.

"Katie, it doesn't have to be that way..." Brad said. He sounded like one of those mature protagonists in one of my favorite shows. I could not remember the name of the show but he was sure hot like him!

"Yes it does!" Katie yelled. "And you don't have the right to stop me! It's my life I do whatever I want with it!"

"But..." Brad started.

"Leave me alone!" Katie cut it.

Seriously, that girl was loud. My ears started to hurt. It was a miracle the glass windows of the class rooms did not break. Or should I say: Not Yet!

"Let's go!" I said to Brad, annoyed of this drama that was none of my business. "Leave this selfish spoiled brat alone so she could kill herself in front of everyone. She's a stubborn coward so it's useless to talk her out of it.

I turned my head and counted down to three. 3... 2.... 1....

"Excuse me?" Katie replied. I was expecting her to say that. "Who are you calling selfish?"

OK i did not expect her to care about the selfish part. I thought it was obvious even to her. But I was still glad she answered.

"Yes you are." I said. "You don't give a d@mn how your family will feel when they find out that you're dead. You don't care about those kids down there who most are terrified to watch this live horror show Rated R you're about to host. All you care about is your bratty skinny self and your coward decisions!"

I put my bat over my neck. The wind blew through both our hair and skirts. The battle I was looking for had just started.

"Shut up! Creepy Goth girl! What do you know about me? Stop judging me!"

"OK ladies, I think that's enou..." Brad started. But Katie and I cut him off.

"Shut up!" We both shouted at him together.

"Geez!" He mumbled scratching is blond head. Although I was angry, I felt bad for him. But I also could not help notice how cute he was when he was embarrassed. If only I had my camera...

"I'm really curious about your reasons, b. I've been bullied and friendless because of the likes of you, for all my life. And on top of that, my parents got divorced leaving me with a drunk brokenhearted mom! I never found a reason to kill myself, do you know why? Because I put all my thoughts on one awesome positive thing!"

I almost smiled looking at clueless Brad. It was true. When I was alone and sad, I thought about him and I would happy again. He became my number one reason to live.

"What if there's no positive thing left in my life? Everything that I have is gone now!" Katie started to cry.

"Then f$cking look for one!" I yelled. "Become a Christian, or do whatever you can! You can't sit on you skinny butt and expect everything to come to you! Don't give others trouble because life is hard. It's hard on everyone!"

"Shut your dirty mouth, you freak, you live your life as an outcast and you're OK with it. But I'm not! I'd rather die than live like a freak like you!"

Oh no she didn't! She was about to get it! I was the crazy girl with the baseball bat and it was time to remind her that.

"What did you say?" I asked lifting my bat in the air.

"You're seriously not thinking..." Brad stated. But I cut him off. Sorry Brad, but I was busy giving that b a lesson.

"Don't touch me!" I yelled at him. Sorry Brad, but I was busy giving that b a lesson.

"I see that you are really determined to die like a coward!" I said walking slowly toward Miss Popular #2. I was loving this scene. Getting to do a home-run on Katie was a dream. "Let me help you sweetie. Let me hit you first and then you can jump all you want. That way, it won't be entirely your fault!"

"No, don't!" Katie backed up. "I'm warning you! Don't hit me with that thing!"

"What's the matter?" I was being sarcastic. "I thought you wanted to kill your poor self! I might as well hit you before you do!"


"No? Why not? Aren't you gonna kill yourself?" I swung the bat over her head.

"Stop it! OK, I will not kill myself anymore! Please, I beg of you don't hit me!" Katie knelt and cried.

I still wanted to hit her but I pitied her. The poor thing was on the ground begging for her bratty life. I put my bat over my shoulder and walked away. I thought I heard Brad calling me but I knew it was my imagination. There was no way he would do that after I scared his crush's BFF out her mind. The worst part was, she was in a critical moment!

I passed all the professors, police officers and the principal-who knew where they were all this time- to downstairs. I didn't care what the rules were, left school and walked home.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I Want You So Bad!~Chapter 3~Finally, He Talked To Me!~

My whole body went to a state of panic when Brad's green eyes pierced right through me. I did nothing but stared at him back. Should I continue my bullying act and ask him "what are you looking at?" or should I confess...? The last question stroke my brain.

Was I crazy to think of confessing to him now? I would be the most wanted girl in school if I did! And what if I was rejected? I would be the laughingstock for the rest of my high school life! What should I do? What any normal goth obsessed girl would do? What would my favorite character of The Vampire Diaries, Elena, do?

Luckily for me, the bell rang. I turned my head as everybody packed and began to leave. I stood up and pretended to pack too. I was waiting for Brad and his new girlfriend to leave first so I could recuperate my baseball bat. However to my surprise, Brad muttered something to Dannie and let her go without him. He picked up my weapon on the floor and walked toward me.

I tilted my head down using my long hair as a shield to hide my face. What was wrong with him? He was the popular guy and I was the nobody goth girl. We had nothing to do with each other. Why was he helping me? He scratched his throat, forcing me to face him. I took my time lifting my eyes. I stopped at his narrow hips, his square shoulders, his well worked out biceps tightened by his white v-neck t-shirt, and finally, his well sculpted face. His hair style reminded me of Harry's, the new pop star from One Direction.

I swallowed hard. I was conscious of my cheeks on fire and red as a tomato.

"It's an unusual mix, goth and baseball." He said softly.

"I don't like baseball." I said sharply, although I didn't want to be rude. "My brother does. But, I like this baseball bat."

I sound weird, I thought. OMG, I blew it! He laughed revealing white and equal teeth.

"Interesting," He said. "Here you go." He handed me the baseball bat.

"Thanks." I snatched the object from his hand. "I should go to class now..." I hesitated before adding, "And you should go to your girlfriend before she thinks something's going on between us..."

I was starting to love his laugh... Not that I didn't hear him laugh before but he never laughed so close to me or with me...

"Dannie's not my girlfriend." He said seriously. "She was doing a research on Ancestors.com and she found out that we were distantly related." He combed his hands through his awesome hair. "I think our great great grandmothers were cousins or something. So we are trying to know each other better. You know, as family." He explained.

"Really?" I asked happily.

Brad nodded. I've never been so relieved in my life. Shocking events one after another: Brad spoke to me and Dannie is not his girlfriend! But Brad suddenly stopped smiling and frowned.

"What?" I asked.

"You are bleeding," He said.

I suddenly felt a hot liquid coming out of my nose. I touched my upper lip and looked at my bloody fingers. I quickly hid my face with my palms. How disgustingly embarrassing, I thought.

"I gotta go..." I said before grabbing my stuff and dashed through the door.

I went straight to the bathroom aware that I was late for my physic class. I locked myself in and sat on cover of the bathroom. I puffed my laugh with my hands.

"Yes," I said to myself. "He talked to me!"

After I cleaned my face, I went to the rooftop to digest everything that happened and think of my next move. I often secretly sneaked up there to get away from the world. When  I opened the door, the sun blinded my eyes. This September in Phoenix, Arizona was as usual hot and my short black dress and boots were helping either. I found a corner with some shades to sit. I placed my baseball bat next to me and relaxed.

I heard the rooftop door open and footsteps approaching. Nobody ever got up there. It was illegal and I already claimed it mine. As the intruder got closer I grabbed my baseball bat and got ready to hit.

I Want You So Bad!~Chapter 2~The New Bully Is Me!

My eyeballs almost fell out of my face when I saw Dannie McKenzie moved her desk next to Brad in the front row next to the window. My expression became dark, my black lipstick lips folded, and my hand automatically tightened around the sleek baseball bat. I hoisted the bat over my right shoulder. My mouth opened to yell that skinny-too-girly-brunette's name Dannie. However, our baldy and fat English teacher already arrived behind me.

"Put that baseball bat down, Magalie and sit down." He said with his monotone usual voice while passing me.

The whole class finally noticed me and started to stare and whisper. It took me a lot of self-control to walk to my seat all the way in the back of the class next to the window. I hit the floor really bad as I put down my weapon next to me.

"I hope you didn't make a crack on the floor, Magalie?" The English teacher asked.

"No!" I yelled with furry.

"Good!" Said the middle-age man who couldn't care less about floor but asked anyway as a part of his job. "Let's start, shall we?"

And the teacher lectured as boring as usual, ignoring the tumult among the students. I could hear the loud whispers about me.

"Is Magalie finally taking revenge  on those who bullied her today?" A nerdy girl whispered to a chubby boy sitting in the next row.

"I knew that goth girl was dangerous. She's going to kill them..." The chubby guy trembled.

Am I that scary? I thought. No way! I have been bullied since elementary school because I was the goth and quiet girl who would not lift a finger no matter what. Some people thought that I was an idiot. Some thought that "my goth curses" weren't working.

The truth was I didn't care. I didn't care about anything before I met Brad... Never in my life I've been so angry and frustrated about anything... I was fine when my dad left mom broke and unable to pay the mortgage by herself in middle school and we had to move to aunt Betty's house. I was fine with my fellow classmate making fun of me everyday about my black skirts, boots, shirts, old fashion bracelets, and my too long dark curly hair...

Everything was boring and pointless until I met my prince... But this wrench...

"Gosh!" I unconsciously sighed out loud.

"Is there something you would like to share with the class, Miss Magalie?" The teacher touched his thick glasses.

"No," I said out loud.

"OK, then moving on..." He proceeded with the class.

The whole class was trembling in fear and I started to like that new feeling of being in control. I was the new bully in school. I was overwhelmed by this new power. I started to relax and breathe. I yawned opening my arms wide. I accidentally pushed the baseball bat with the tips of my fingers. The heavy and unfortunately round piece of wood fell and rolled all the way to front and stopped at BRAD'S FEET!

Brad looked at the bat and then stared at me. I froze speechless. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Want You So Bad!- Chapter 1~Obsessed

I took my brother's baseball bat in his nerdy and clean room, my black backpack in my goth and messy room, and left aunt Betty's three story house for school. I was going to do a home-run that day. Since I saw my man talking to that skinny blond b... I had this urge to kill her... Brad was mine-in my mind- but still mine.

I remember clearly the first time I saw Brad. He was transferred to my school a year ago. During the first semester  we shared study hall together. He was known as the quiet guy who sat in a corner of the classroom, listened to music, and actually studied during study hall hours.

At first I admired him. I didn't know why but I found him mysterious and then... before I knew it, I was obsessed...

Brad Kinns was way out of my league! He was a blond, pale skin, green eyes, and tall athletic guy. He was an elite member of the soccer team of our school. Brad was really smart too. He was an average straight A student. I guessed that was the reason I was so afraid of him.

His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kinns were both lawyers. So brad was economically stable unless his parents decided to cut him loose which would be almost impossible because he was their only son.

In the past year, as I have developed a strong interest in Brad, I started to learn a lot about him... Ok fine, I knew everything about him. His favorite color was red. His favorite fruit is apple and his food is bacon egg and cheese sandwich. He would never refuse bacon. 

As a matter of fact, sometimes he would eat  bacon in all his meals. I had once the idea to trap him with bacon, kidnap him in my house, and feed him bacon while keeping him with me forever. I am still considering this plan.

Brad was a dog lover, precisely hybrid wolf-dogs. He loved playing soccer and would never miss a game on TV. I knew how he liked his coffee, cereal, and most of his meals.

I knew his major crushes. Brad had a big crush on the cheerleader captain who cheered the for the football team, Alisa. I called their little flirts "the perfect blonds affair". Really, all the school needed was the perfect nice guy and the perfect wicked witch cheerleader to get together. I heard some people supporting them. I'm really glad they only flirted and never got serious.

I was deeply in love with Brad. That was why I was about to kill Dannie McKenzie on that day at school, for stealing my man.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Want You, So Bad! (Summary)

Magalie is your average sixteen-year-old girl_in appearance: black hair, brown eyes, medium height. She has a crush_not your average crush, a major crush. OK, she is beyond the crushing line_she is obsessed with a boy… A handsome-unique boy who never talks to her!
Will he ever notice her?
Find out….

Dirty (Poem)

There is only one truth

No matter what…

There’s only one truth

No matter how deep the cat’s buried in the bag

Buried deep in our emotions or packs of lie

There’s only one truth pure like water and light

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Old Rag's Secret

      He took the cup of coffee that was next to him. As soon as the cold liquid touched his lips, he frowned and rushed to the kitchen. He placed the dull porcelain cup in the microwave for a few seconds.

  His biceps contracted when he pressed his back and hands against the marble cabinets. I stared at his tall and lean body covered with a tight gray sweatshirt and a black sweatpants.

   I've watched through his eyes, I've listened through his ears, and I tell you he's the one. Or at least as close as we're going to get. I've admired him closely and from afar for years. I was not expecting our relationship to get any better. I was not the door handle I was so jealous of. I was not the coffee cup he drank from and caressed with his fingers everyday. I was only a small carpet placed between the living room and the kitchen.

   He stepped on me daily with his slippers to get breakfast, to heat his coffee. All I could hope was for him to take off his shoes and his socks one day so I could feel his bare feet. But he was a clean man and would never allow his precious skin touch a dirty old rag like me.