Saturday, June 29, 2013

List of characters for I Want You So Bad!

This my main character Magalie. I haven't found anyone fair enough to portray her. But if you have any suggestions, let me know.
goth girl photo: Gothic Girl goth.jpg

This is Brad second main character. I love him. I wish i had a better picture of him. He's a British actor.

blond man photo:  001r.jpg

alex pettyfer photo:  Alex_Pettyfer.jpg

Marcus A.K.A Number 21 :)

chord overstreet photo: Chord Overstreet chord-overstreet.jpg

Introducing Hadrien (Brad's best friend)

avan jogia photo: avan jogia tumblr_lzq1g24OK11qezddto1_500_zpsb0b04605.gif

And after a struggle between Adriana Grande and the H.SM star I choose her as my bad guy Vanessa. It was hard really.

If you guys any suggestions let me know. XOXOXO :)